Meet Suzanne


I am an Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, providing Psychotherapy for adults of all ages, and for a wide range of issues. In practice this means that I use a range of therapies in addition to C.B.T models of therapy which are varied according to the difficulties you are facing. The therapy approach appropriate for a phobia or trauma for example, may not be a good fit for a relationship conflict. People are as varied as the challenges we face! It is for this reason, that I offer an integrated approach, as what feels helpful for one person can feel hindering for another, and I believe in the healing power of the relationship that is built between client and therapist, wherein we work as a team to discover what works well for you, according to the values that are important and meaningful to you.

The Way I Work

I believe that one of the key factors in effective therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist. It can be difficult opening up about personal and painful issues. Choosing a therapist who you feel comfortable with is important, someone with whom you can build a solid and trusting relationship, especially if this is something you haven’t previously experienced, as therapy can sometimes feel challenging as well as liberating.

My practice as a Psychotherapist is I believe, enriched by life experience as well as many years of face to face work with a diverse range of people and ongoing training, with a commitment to lifelong learning and research.

I began my career in Mental Health Nursing, providing Mental Health Care for inpatients and their carers, before embarking on a career in Psychological Therapies, in both the inpatient and community setting. Having worked in NHS Psychological Therapy and Counselling services for over 20 years, I have worked with a wide range of psychological difficulties. I have received training in a wide range of therapy interventions, training in clinical practice safeguards such as Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection, and delivered training and supervision for trainees and colleagues; these experiences serve well in my private practice.

I have always been passionate about working in a way which empowers individuals and I believe that personal growth and change are possible at any stage of life. My aim is to work alongside you, supporting you to progress along your own individual path towards healing, self-compassion and self-fulfilment.