Take a cup of kindness

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to be kinder to other people than we might be towards ourselves? Sometimes kindness is in short supply. Sometimes it's in the ouch of a rebuff or a lack of attunement from others, and sometimes it's from the critical thoughts in our own minds. Either way, those are… Continue reading Take a cup of kindness

Defusion Strategies

The Record Stuck on a Loop

Have you ever noticed how repetitive the evaluations of our minds are? It tends to be the same broken record playing again and again. What's the record that your mind is playing? It's very difficult to switch off the noise isn't it? How about if we were to stop trying? What if we could just let… Continue reading The Record Stuck on a Loop

Defusion Strategies

Be. Here. Now. Defusion Strategies 4

What are your feet doing right now? In this actual moment that you are living in?  Poor feet - they work so hard for us and they don't get much attention!  Not unless they start to ache.  Have you noticed that we don't tend to notice our bodies unless they are hurting?  I wonder what… Continue reading Be. Here. Now. Defusion Strategies 4

Defusion Strategies

Defusion Strategies 3

The Curious Scientist Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get stuck on a negative thought than on a positive one? It isn't that you really enjoy negative thoughts! It's due to our amazing brain and it's negativity bias. Basically, our brains are "a stay as safe as possible machine!" So when… Continue reading Defusion Strategies 3