Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion focused therapy (C.F.T) is a particularly helpful therapy approach when shame, guilt and low self-esteem are problematic.  It is (as the name suggests!) based upon the belief that we can all develop a greater sense of peace and well-being through the use of compassion towards ourselves and others.  Developing a greater sense of compassion involves becoming increasingly mindful about the content of critical thoughts and the impact on your emotional life.

C.F.T integrates C.B.T and Mindfulness, and uses current research findings on how our emotion regulation systems develop and operate.  It uses compassionate mind training to help understand how the 3 basic systems of threat, drive and soothing are relating to each other, and to develop ways of balancing the systems so that they are working for you, in improved harmony.  When you struggle with high levels of critical thoughts and shaming feelings, it can be difficult to hang on to a sense of warmth or kindness towards yourself or for other people.  C.F.T can be highly effective in learning ways of feeling safer and more trusting in relationships, and feeling kinder towards and more accepting of yourself.