“The most helpful was talking to someone who understood how I felt and through discussion provided me with coping strategies to help with problems I was experiencing at that time.  I used the coping strategies suggested to distract my attention away from the feelings of anxiety and stress as they arose. This was extremely important for my wellbeing and the ability to cope during the current Covid restrictions. I found the strategies helpful also in the grieving process which was highlighted due to the loneliness which was reinforced during lockdown and the medical conditions I was also experiencing at that time. I am looking forward rather than back. Looking forward particularly to life back to normal, planning trips now that I hope to take in the future, seeing more of my family. I feel happier, more relaxed.”

Client (January 2021)

“Being aware of the unhelpful thoughts and identifying them as characters was helpful as I am now aware before negative thoughts become overwhelming. I have learnt how to distract myself when I do feel overwhelmed.”
Client 2020
“The most helpful insight was the discussion around what is important to me and the identification of my triggers that impact upon that balance and where I can find the positive drivers for my wellbeing. This positive space helped me re-evaluate the direction I need to take my life in order to feel fulfilled. Being able to explore feelings I would normally suppress was enlightening.”
Client, 2020
“The culmination of sessions helped me to feel like I was starting to understand why I was feeling a certain way and I now feel that I have some tools which I can fall back on in the future. When things started to make sense to me and I could feel like I was getting results, it was really rewarding. The analogies and exercises were helpful, like focusing on changing my attention and acknowledging that the negative voice is only one narrative – I need to tune into the kind/wise voice too.”
Client, 2020
“Everything in therapy was visual, so it is all very easy for me to recall when I need support…learning to accept that everything I was struggling with was okay, learning to let those thoughts pass and not dwell on them trying to find solutions to fix everything. Finding out what really mattered to me and learning to stay in the moment; learning about self-compassion, acceptance and values was extremely helpful. Every session was well spent as I need all the tools you have helped me to use, on a daily basis.”
Client 2020


“Learning to accept that everything I was struggling with was okay…to let the thoughts pass and not dwell on them.  Learning to stay in the moment and finding out what really mattered to me, relearning my values and practicing compassion.  Everything in therapy was visual so it’s all very easy for me to recall when I need support.  Every session was time well spent as I need all the tools you have helped me to use.”

Client 2020


“The most helpful part of therapy was the identifying of trauma – it started my process of acceptance and became my base on which to build.  Discovering that learnt behaviours could be reprogrammed in the brain allowed me to fully understand and embrace therapy and helped me to open up to the possibilities and processes that followed, such as visualisations, mindfulness and self-soothing techniques.  I found the visualisation of previous events and creation of safe places particularly effective.”

Client, 2019

“Thank you so much, we have seen massive improvements. If we need any further advice, you will be our first port of call.”

Client, 2019


“Sue offers a calm and relaxed space, with a warm and empathetic approach allowing you time to explore the issues you are dealing with, that is led by you at a pace that works for you. Sue has extensive knowledge on a range of techniques that I personally have benefitted from. They have enabled me to go much further and gain far greater benefits to therapy than I had hoped for.”

Client, 2018


“After years of struggling with extremely poor sleep and anxiety, I finally sought the help of Psychotherapy. With Sue’s gentle persuasion I am now on the road to full recovery.”

Client, 2018


“Thankyou so much for your wonderful work. It has opened up so much for my mum. She gets in the car with no anxiety at all. The whole family is very grateful.”

Clients relative, 2018


“Sue has a natural warmth and understanding that comes through and makes you feel accepted and cared for from that first conversation.  It was knowing Sue that prompted me to recommend a friend to go to her for Psychotherapy and CBT. It took a while for my friend to pluck up the courage but now she wishes she had done it years ago! I know her symptoms of anxiety have lessened…I have witnessed my friend really appreciating and valuing her sessions with Sue and she says she now feels that she can face life’s challenges with greater strength and confidence.”

Client recommendation, 2017


“Suzanne demonstrates interpersonal effectiveness, alongside skilled practice in working with key cognitions, behaviour planning and change. With one client, Suzanne was using C.B.T to address safety behaviours, avoidance and low mood, introducing ideas of ACT and Mindfulness, to process and heal, and to create some distance from negative self-evaluation. Suzanne successfully encourages clients to engage in therapy – one example is that of a client with complex trauma, socially isolated and one of ritualistic behaviours very difficult not to follow. By keeping the goals of therapy specific and regularly reviewing progress, she is able to prepare clients well for the work involved in therapy and also to gently prepare for the end of therapy.

She keeps up to date with current research and evidence based developments in her field, working flexibly with traditional and contemporary psychological techniques, and liaises with other professionals as appropriate to ensure that her practice keeps to high standards of safety for her and her clients.”

Clinical Supervisor, November 2017


“Suzanne is a very well trained and articulate therapist who helped me recover from a serious illness with thoughtful understanding and good guidance. With her help I was able to adopt an Acceptance and Commitment therapy approach which made sense to me and this greatly assisted my recovery. I particularly sensed that her empathetic approach, backed by experience, allowed her to adopt a flexible attitude to what would work best without being hung up on dogmatic or formulaic approaches.”

Client, 2016


“I was in a bad way when I spoke to Sue about having a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with her.  I was a bit nervous when I started but Sue was so gentle and patient with me.  It taught me so many new things about myself and how to handle situations and circumstances I had never been able to do before.

It was a definite life changing experience and one I would definitely recommend.”

Client, 2016


“I write in my capacity as line manager for a good number of years prior to my job changing at the end of 2012 . Suzanne was working for NHS Lothian as a Nurse Therapist and myself as Nursing Team Manager for a Community Mental Health Team with my remit including the nursing component of the Psychological Therapies Service .

In our time together I always found Suzanne to be very professional in her role and committed to delivering a high standard of patient centred care within the constraints of a very busy service .

Suzanne’s experience and training was acknowledged, respected and valued – as was her positive outlook, determination and support . Over the years she contributed well in helping move a developing service forward.

I found her to be consistently approachable, hard working and enthusiastic and could be relied upon to always attend to job requirements and to deliver appropriate care in a professional way and with kindness and compassion.”

Nursing Team Manager- Community Mental Health Nurse, May 2015


“Suzanne is a very competent clinician, as evidenced by clinical outcomes and during supervision whilst working within our NHS Service.  I have provided supervision since 2009.  She is clearly well able to develop, maintain and end a therapeutic relationship with clients.  She uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as her main treatment modality; her main areas of expertise are schema based CBT, Compassion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy for a range of problems, including Depression, Anxiety and Stress disorders, and Trauma.  Suzanne has a genuine interest in continuing to develop her skills.  She is a reflective practitioner, aware of limitations; she makes good use of supervision and is open to feedback.”

Clinical Supervisor, December 2014