Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an evidence-based, time-limited and practical Psychotherapy and is widely considered to be one of the most effective talking therapies. CBT is continually evolving, thanks to it’s firmly research based approach that seeks to refine, adapt and improve upon therapy approaches and outcomes. Models of CBT have developed for a wide range of difficulties, such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Worry, Phobias, Trauma and Low Self-Esteem.

CBT aims to help you to feel better by learning how to identify thoughts and beliefs that are unhelpful and self-critical; the way in which we think (cognition) has a direct influence on what we do or don’t do in order to cope (behaviours). When unpleasant emotions and physical symptoms become overwhelming, CBT can help you to feel better by working on cognitions and behaviours that have become unhelpful. They are often linked to specific worries, fears or beliefs, that reinforce patterns of coping such as avoidance, withdrawal, rumination or vigilance.

CBT is a “here and now” Psychotherapy, with the focus on dealing with present day difficulties. It can help you to re-evaluate the way in which you see yourself, other people and the world around you, and in that respect is a useful way to approach relationship and interpersonal difficulties, as by exploring the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that put limitations upon the way you are able to relate to yourself and others, you gradually become able to achieve a greater resilience to the difficulties of life and to generate a more compassionate outlook for yourself.

By learning to understand yourself better, it is possible to develop a wider perspective on your life; on your potential and on your identity and to make changes that help you to grow and thrive. While CBT concentrates on present day difficulties, it does also explore the past events and experiences that have moulded and shaped you, and the impact this may be having on maintaining and reinforcing current day patterns.

CBT is an empowering and collaborative process, in which the therapist and client work together towards defined goals in an active way. This may include working on therapy in-between sessions to maximise the benefits of therapy; in this way you learn to become your own therapist!