Person-Centred Counselling

Person centred counselling is considered to be a foundational therapy of the humanistic psychotherapies and is non-directive in it’s approach, believing at it’s core in a person’s inherent ability to self-heal and grow towards full potential and fulfilment.  Change comes about through the active use of developing a trusting and accepting relationship first with the therapist (in experiencing the warmth of positive conditions of worth), and gradually applying these same principles to yourself and your relationships with other people.

Counselling is an effective way of exploring emotional issues that continue to cause roadblocks in your life, that stop you from flourishing and keep you feeling burdened and limited.

Counselling may incorporate techniques from other humanistic psychotherapies, but essentially aims to help you to achieve a sense of clarity over the direction of your life, to heal from painful experiences and to fully develop trust in your own abilities and contributions.