Defusion Strategies

The Record Stuck on a Loop

Have you ever noticed how repetitive the evaluations of our minds are?

It tends to be the same broken record playing again and again. What’s the record that your mind is playing? It’s very difficult to switch off the noise isn’t it? How about if we were to stop trying? What if we could just let our minds drone on in the background while we focus attention on something more interesting?

Imagine that your mind is like a doom and gloom radio station, and when the news comes on the headlines are always the “got it wrong” story or the “it’s terrible and catastrophic” story or the “I can’t stand this/handle this/i’m too…/i’m not enough…” stories.  If you’ve ever tried to control, suppress, prevent, avoid or ignore these thoughts, you might have discovered that they tend to come back anyway. 

So as an alternative, try to just turn the volume down on the radio by focusing on doing something that matters to you and focusing on whatever it is you are actually doing in the moment you are living in. Even if that’s just sitting down, not doing anything in particular, then can you feel the chair underneath you, the points of contact, and can you focus on the different senses your body is using right now?

While you let the radio play on in the background?

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