Defusion Strategies

Defusion Strategies 1

Take a look at the sky…right now.  What do you see?  Chances are you’ll see the weather. 

But look more closely.  Watch as the weather changes – the textures and shapes of the clouds, the shades of colour, the different hues of the light.  If it’s raining how hard/soft/slow/fast; if it’s sunny where does the light fall, if it’s windy what’s blowing around? 

WHAT DO YOU NOTICE AS YOU DO THIS? First, where is your attention? Is it on the mind or is it on the sky?  Notice that whatever gets your attention, is what you focus on…whatever is focused on, is what fills the mind.  Notice also that the sky is not the same thing as the weather.  The sky is a constant…always there but always changing, because the content of the sky is the weather.  It isn’t the sky that changes – it’s the weather.  We can think of our minds in this same way:  just like the sky is the container for the weather; we are the containers for our minds.  The human mind is full of constant chatter – an endless flow of evaluations, observations, analyses and judgement, it’s so automatic that we don’t have to be consciously aware of it and often just accept whatever our mind’s give us as fact.

WHAT IF: we could start to see ourselves as separate from the content of our minds???  How would that start to change the way we see ourselves, how we feel about the world around us, how we relate to ourselves and other people?

WHAT IF:  we are bigger than the evaluations of our minds; more expansive; wider than the narratives of our lives and the limitations upon us, with potential far more creative?  YOU ARE THE SKY, EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE WEATHER.  Try it out over the next few days and see what you notice. 

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